Assessment and Certification Information

General Conditions for Application, Assessment and Certification

This document contains important information to explain the general principles of the assessment and certification process.

Application All Applicants are required to agree to:

  • Submit a fully completed application form and pay the fee required by the centre and that fees are non-refundable
  • Make available documentary evidence of all original pre-requisite qualifications for the Scheme applied for
  • Provide two passport size and quality photographs and evidence of identity, either; a current valid Passport or a current valid Driving Licence (photo ID card type) or a photo ID card issued by the UK Border Agency or a valid Home Office issued work permit, accompanied by a current international passport or any other Photo ID issued by any other Governmental agency
  • Notify the Assessment Centre, at the time of the application of any special needs
  • Notify the Assessment Centre in writing should there be a need to postpone or cancel the assessment or of any changes which may affect the application for assessment with at least fourteen days’ notice or such notice as required by the assessment centre before the commencement of the assessment
  • Accept assessment dates as provisional until the completed application form and applicable fees have been received by the Assessment Centre, unless advised differently by the centre
  • Observe strict confidentiality concerning the operations of ERS, its approved Assessment Centre and the contents if any of its schemes
  • Comply with the instructions and directions of authorised assessment centre staff during the application and assessment process
  • Be liable to additional fees as required by the centre for each day or part day, in the event that additional assessments are required when the applicant has been unable to prove competence
  • In the event that an assessment centre ceases to trade, the applicant agrees that any fees paid to the centre are non-recoverable from ERS


The Assessment Centre will:

  • Assess the applicant’s competence against the requirements of the scheme for which the applicant has applied and will observe strict confidentiality concerning the applicant other than when required to disclose information by ERS, UKAS, the applicants’ employer and the Statutory and Legislative Authorities.
  • Advise the applicant of the assessment result. Following completion of all necessary documentation and receipt of payment, ERS will be notified of the results of assessments within seven days.

Methods of Assessment will consist of either practical tasks, written examination or a combination of both practical tasks and written examination, all ERS assessments and communication is in English. The assessor will hold a briefing meeting to explain the assessment process and answer any questions.

The meeting should cover the following points as a minimum:

  • Health & Safety Arrangements and Emergency procedures
  • Confidentiality and Impartiality
  • Confirmation of scope of certification applied for
  • Assessment outcomes and permitted attempts
  • Use of reference documents
  • Explanation of how the assessment will take place
  • Clarification of the assessment documentation
  • The possible use of NYC (Not Yet Competent) notifications
  • Requirements for re-assessment (if required)
  • Prohibition of mobile phones or devices with camera functions in any assessment area

Written Examination – Theoretical Assessment

The assessor will explain the process and supervise the written examination with the help of the invigilator is necessary. The written examination must be completed within the time allocated, following this the assessor will mark the examination paper and advise of any questions that have not been correctly answered. If there is sufficient time available at the end of assessment period and subject to centre agreement, a re-attempt of the incorrectly answered questions can be taken immediately or oral questions may be asked to clarify. A record of the oral explanation is recorded on the assessment documentation.

Further attempts are only permitted in accordance with the relevant scheme requirements as detailed in the flow charts attached. The candidate must obtain 100% correct responses or as required by the scheme.

Practical Examination

The assessor will explain the process and will supervise the practical assessment in accordance with the requirements of the relevant scheme. The assessor will change the practical set up on a regular basis. During the assessment the assessor will remain objective, impartial, and open-minded and not advise on methods for completing the tasks.

The assessor monitors progress and maintains a record by filling in the assessment paperwork. In the event that additional time is used or if the assessment is stopped, the assessor will record the reason. Upon completion the assessor reviews the records of the assessment against the standard answers and decides whether the results indicate a successful completion or that there are areas where further assessment is required.

If there is sufficient time available at the end of assessment period and subject to centre agreement, the assessor can allow these areas to be re-attempted immediately or to clarify some of the areas orally.

To be considered competent all practical tasks must be correctly completed, the assessor will advise the candidate of the assessment result upon completion of the assessment.

Assessment centres are required to notify ERS of any failures to complete the assessment within the permitted attempts allowed, ERS where contractually required will notify the relevant body of this.

Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) On completion of assessment and or examination, assessment documentation will be internally checked by another person to confirm correctness and completeness before submitting to ERS for certification.

Certification Upon receipt of the assessment documentation, ERS will within 10 days, independently review and determine if all conditions and requirements have been met and make the certification decision. ERS shall notify the candidate (or employer if authorised to do so) of the Certification Panel decision. If the decision is to certificate, ERS will issue and post the certificate by second class post to the candidate’s home address, unless other arrangements have been agreed in writing. Where contractually obliged, ERS will notify organisations of assessment results.

Candidates are required to notify the assessment centre within 8 weeks of completing the assessment if a certificate has not been received.

All Certificated Persons are required to agree:

  • In the event of any complaint investigation undertaken by ERS against the certified person, the certified person agrees to give full co-operation and access at all times to the locations where work is being carried out which is covered by the certificate scope and to pay any reasonable costs incurred where it is found that the certificated person has been negligent or has breached any of these conditions
  • In the event of suspension or withdrawal of certification, the certified person agrees to refrain from further promotion of the certification while the certificate is suspended or withdrawn and to refrain from use of all references to a certified status
  • Not to use the ERS logo or misuse the ERS Certificate in any way to promote other approvals and not use the certification in such a manner as to bring ERS into disrepute or make any statement regarding the certification which ERS may consider misleading or unauthorised. Misuse may result in Certificate suspension or withdrawal
  • To conduct all work, covered by the Certificate scope in a competent manner at all times and to advise ERS without delay if these conditions cannot be complied with or of any matters that can affect the capability of the certified person to continue to fulfil the certification requirements


Where a scheme allows, the earliest date a Certificated Person can apply for reassessment if they wish to retain the expiry anniversary of their certificate is six months before it expires. Retaining the expiry anniversary is not allowed if the assessment date is prior to this six month period.

An original certificate must be supplied to the assessment centre.

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