Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems

Scheme Information The Unvented Hot Water Scheme has been designed to test the competence of engineers in the requirements of Building Regulations Part G3, enabling application to either join a Competent Person Scheme allowing the self-certification of installations, or to notify the local Building Control department prior to commencing work.
Pre-requisites Initial Assessment

Candidates with recognised qualifications and/or a minimum of 12 months experience from either of the following industry sectors:
  • plumbing
  • heating and ventilation
  • gas
  • refrigeration
  • electrical

Reassessment is open to holders of existing unvented certificates or ID cards that have been issued by a certification body that has been accredited by UKAS to issue personnel certification against ISO/IEC 17024. The certificate or ID card must either be valid or within 12 months of expiry to be eligible for reassessment, candidates MUST provide their original certificate, ID card or original renewal notice from their previous certification body, candidates unable to provide this information will be required to complete initial assessment.
Assessment Information Initial Assessment consists of a combination of practical and theory examinations. Re-assessment consists of a theory only examination.
Expiry Information Certificates are normally valid for 5 years. Candidates are eligible to undertake re-assessment up to 6 months prior to the expiry date of the initial certificate. Previous certificates must be presented to the assessment centre as evidence.
Further Information This information is intended to provide an overview of the scheme. For further details of cost, duration and availability, please contact your nearest or preferred centre.
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